Hotel Mirador De Mayabe Holguin

Hotel Mirador De Mayabe Pool Holguin

Address: Alturas Mayabe Km 8, Holguin, Cuba

Just over a century ago, the city of Holguin overstepped its city limits and expanded towards the Mayabe Valley, about 15km south of downtown. With fresher temperatures due to the slight altitude, freshwater streams, and fertile land, farming and cattle grazing took root and flourished.

Hotel Mirador De Mayabe

Mayabe has one of Cuba’s most famous residents: according to local legend, 5 decades ago, every day at sunset a small donkey named Pancho clopped into the restaurant and finished off the beer dregs in bottles handed over by the waiters. It turned out to be brilliant marketing for the restaurant and the Mayabe beer brand. When the Pancho died, his son and grandson (Pancho III) took over. Plying the donkey with beer is a tradition which continues to this day.

The Mirador de Mayabe is a charming and unique hotel surrounded by lush gardens with amenities like a swimming pool, sundeck, restaurant and bar.

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